Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopping for your Little One

I've recently discovered some cool baby stuff while shopping.

Walking Wings - This is perfect for toddlers who are beginning to take their first steps. They come in pink and blue (of course I got the pink one for Baby). I got one at Babyland for P1,290 - a lot pricier than the 70-peso version at Baby & Co. but the difference in quality is certainly more than apparent. The Walking Wings fits well, never hurts, easier for baby to wear and for adult to use. We use this at the malls, at my in-laws' house, even in play school, and I'm very grateful for the mompreneur who invented it.

Socks-On - I love buying clothes that are slightly bigger in size. We know how babies grow up so fast and we want the clothes to be worn more than once before throwing them into the second-hand pile. Baby wears Mothercare's 3-piece frogsuits to sleep. The Socks-On is perfect, not just for securing baby's socks in place, but also to keep Baby from tripping when her frogsuits are a little bit too long. They are quite expensive at P395 a pair (Rustan's) when they're not even socks, but I consider it a good investment!

funky socks - These are not just socks. They have anti-slip rubber material at the bottom, and they look like shoes over the feet! Baby looked like she was wearing maryjanes to play school (cool and comfy maryjanes at that!) and everybody just loved it! They are quite expensive at P500+ a pair (Rustan's) when I usually get 3-5 pairs of ordinary baby socks at Mothercare or Debenhams for the same price but the uniqueness of these funky socks surely made up for the premium in price.

Leg Huggers - Also known as leg warmers in other countries. They come in cute unisex designs made to fit babies from 0 to 4 years! I bought 3 pairs from Tiny Tots (online) @ P279 each. These are useful when Baby's wearing a onesie, especially since she hates any kind of blanket, no matter how smooth, to touch her skin. And I would like not only to keep her warm but to protect her skin against insect bites. The leg huggers can also be used as fashionable leggings beneath the baby's balloon skirt or short shorts.

It's so fun having a baby girl!