Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joy Angel Milkbags

This is one of the cheaper brands available in the market. Please click here for a list of other milkbags I've tried. The verdict: buy anything (even the NANNY bags I like the least) except for Joy Angel.

Don't let it deceive you - it may be cheap, it may feel sturdy, and it may be self-standing... BUT... what's the use of all of those qualities when the seal leaks BIG TIME? Every pumping mom knows how every drop of expressed milk counts. It's worth paying a little premium on bags like Lansinoh or Breastfeeding by Blue. Nothing is wasted so it becomes a pleasant experience for everyone - the pumping mom, the breastmilk donor recipient, the hospital nursery, or the baby's caregiver.

I lay the milkbags flat to save on freezer space. After this incident I pretend not to mind the bulkiness of frozen milk. But I'll keep in mind that I'm never buying this again. The little add-on you pay for other brands is worth every single cent because you save the milk. And there's no pricetag to that.