Thursday, June 11, 2009

Planning Baby's First Birthday

Would you believe we've reserved the venue for Baby's birthday 5 months ago? 5 months! (Which is already quite conservative considering the advice one mommy friend once told me - to book the venue as soon as the baby turns 1 month old!) Thanks to her, I've panicked a little and booked "early". Otherwise I'm sure we'd be knocking on Jollibee's or Shakey's doors.

We only have 2 venues in mind. One here in our clubhouse, which is more preferable because of its convenience and price. But what do you know, it was already taken! The next-best choice is in my in-laws' clubhouse, which cost P15,000 just for the venue - a highway robbery indeed. It was hard to convince myself to give in but I finally did, because the date was perfect (Baby's birthday falls on a Sunday, there's no need to advance or delay the celebration.) The location was good too; everybody knows where it is.

For the caterers, we booked La Comida, which has proven to provide good food and service everytime my in-laws call them for parties at home. They have a wide selection of set menus, even for merienda. I like that they also offer extras like bibingka, putobungbong, chocolate fountains, the works.

We also booked a photobooth, which I think hit 3 "birds" at the same time - unlimited fun for cam whores (who isn't?), photography / documentation (it comes with a cd of all the shots), and souvenirs for the guests (I ordered the one with magnets so they could stick them up on their fridge or whiteboards rather than piling them up with the rest of their files and forgeting about it after a week.) So that's another P14,000 down the drain.

For prizes and giveaways, I would love a trip to Divisoria or 168. I have yet to schedule this, but I'm already excited to shop! The invitations are DIY - I asked Husband to use his Photoshop skills and print them at 4R for P6.00 each, while I manually glued the names on the ready-made baronial envelopes.

For the other things that you think I've missed, like the balloons, cake, host, face painter, food carts, kiddie sets, and tarpaulins, we let Mr. Sun Kiddie Partycom, Inc. take care of those. I'm glad they can do the set-up for the place, and pull together mini carts like fishballs, ice cream, taho, and even branded ones like Candy Corner, Figaro, and Potato Corner for the client's convenience. So the stress, time, and energy may be poured onto something else.

Aside from sending the invitations and deciding what to wear for Baby and me, I think we're all set! And we still have one month to go... One of the perks of being an OCD mom :)


Iriene said...

Well planned party. Wish you all the best! Happy Birthday in advance to your princess (baby girl)! God Bless
you and family! If you free do drop by my blog, tks.