Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby's First Toothpaste

Baby has 5 front teeth now! She started teething very late, at 9.5 months, when the average is at 6 months. (Normal range from what I've read is 3-9 months.) But once the first tooth erupted, the next popped one after another. I remember eagerly waiting for her first tooth. She has been excessively salivating when she turned 3 months, and has been putting everything in her mouth when she reached 6 months, the signs of teething you cannot miss. But months 7, 8, and 9 passed and still nothing... I thought it's never gonna happen.

Now she has 5, and I've started shopping for her first toothpaste. Her pedia reminded me to get her a fluoride-free one. And so I'm thankful Healthy Options is here to offer safe and natural items for us. I got the Earth's Best brand @ P250 (it's the only one they have) before I found plenty of other choices at Baby & Co, and yes, even at the New Hatchin Japanese grocery store (but I don't think they are fluoride-free).

I'm glad that Baby enjoys brushing teeth (with or without toothpaste). It doesn't only give her relief from itchy gums, it also gives me peace of mind that she's starting to maintain a good dental hygiene. From time to time, I miss her plain gums when she grins really wide. But my baby has to grow, I can't wish for her to be bungi forever...