Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Goes to School

Schools at this time have become more aggressive. Before, the earliest that kids attend school is in nursery level. Now, even newborns are welcomed in schools. Playschools that is. They have special programs that are said to stimulate the babies' mental, social, and emotional development.

In my quest to finding the best playschool for Baby, I decided to try 2 of the more popular ones. And based on Baby's response, I am sure I have found IT.

Gymboree is conveniently located at the malls. Parking is never a problem. And you're not wasting gas because you can run your errands quickly while you're there. They also have very sophisticated materials, toys, gyms, playgrounds, and facilities. Everybody knows Gymboree; it's a name that is trusted.

Kindermusik, on the other hand, is a little more discreet (at least here in the Philippines.) Yes they also have several branches / locations, but only within another pre-school. Therefore it also looks like just another pre-school - a small studio with a tiny reception area, no fancy gyms and playgrounds. Having a driver is recommended because the crowded parking spaces can be a hassle.

I don't know why Baby enjoys going to Kindermusik more. She doesn't know it's a bit cheaper than Gymboree. Maybe she loves singing, dancing, and playing, more than playing, playing, and more playing. Maybe Teacher Jeannie is really really good as what I've been hearing*. But the verdict is obvious via Baby's reaction. In Gymboree, she cried because she didn't feel like participating. In Kindermusik, she cries because she doesn't want the session to end.

*Among all the Kindermusik instructors, I heard Teacher Jeannie is the best, so we signed up under her, despite the location which is in Cubao. But Cubao is not that far after all. I remember giving us 1 hour travel allowance on our first day of school. We got there in no time, 45 minutes too early, we even got to preview the toddler level class!

We registered in their summer course, P4,120 for 6 sessions, as a trial. But I think we're signing up for the regular semester in July, P8,925 for 15 sessions. Flu virus go away!