Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yaya's Day Off Part 2

Baby's yaya has asked for this vacation since January. (The longest notice ever, haha.) It means 6 whole days of exhaustion and fatigue on my part. Although I could see her sincere concern for Baby, I had reasons to suspect that she might not be coming back:

(1) tip from the other maid, who happens to be the yaya's cousin
(2) she only left a few of her things - only the uniform and some old sleepwear
(3) I have read her Sent Items and she has mentioned it 3x

I kept telling her to at least inform me honestly if she's coming back or not, so as not to waste money on the return ticket. She said she would, so I kept my fingers crossed and hoped for the best. Fast forward to the 5th day of her vacation, I called her cellphone to remind her of the flight and to advise us if there's going to be any delay. But all her numbers (I tried 4 sim cards at that time) were out of reach. I dialed and redialed. Every 30 minutes for the whole afternoon.

I got super paranoid that by dinner time, I asked her cousin to call the auntie, or the neighbor, or whoever can help us pass the phone to yaya. I finally gave a sigh of relief when I was able to talk to her. True enough, she came back as expected (or hoped!) I immediately gave her a raise. And Husband took me to the spa for a relaxing massage. Woot!