Monday, May 11, 2009

Yaya's Day Off

My in-laws are out of the country. Their housemaids are consequently out of household chores. They went to Divisoria today. Since they were chaperoned by the mayordoma, I asked my helpers to tag along, so someone could keep an eye on them in this so-called "day-off". Although the newest one was left here with me, she wasn't a big help - she wouldn't do things correctly because she isn't used to them, and I couldn't blame her. I don't care about the laundry, the dishes, and all the other chores, they know they should finish everything when they come back. All I care about is Baby; I couldn't just wait for yaya to come back before she takes a bath, or takes her vitamins, or drinks her milk...

The yaya left at 7am. It was my first time, in 10 months, to give Baby a bath. And I thought I was already a super hands-on full-time mom. (Don't laugh, Husband has never clipped Baby's nails, changed her nappies, or given her a bath. What he does to help around is feed Baby junk food, and sometimes puts Baby back to sleep when I happen to be in the shower.) Anyway, I just realized how dependent we are to the yaya. Without her, it's like 2 hands are not enough. I'm so thankful for Baby's undisturbed 1 full hour morning nap, I was able to shower, express milk, and prepare Baby's lunch. It's very difficult to look after a high-maintenance human being like her, I don't know how other people do it without a yaya!

They came back around 1:30PM, very delighted about the tons of stuff they've bought for P1,000. But I'm happier I finally got the time to turn on my laptop.