Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The OC

Why should I bag the title The OCD Queen?

I keep a list of the following:

LPG - to keep track of the last purchase to find out whether the helpers have been abusing it or have not been switching it off after each use (note: a fire hazard!)

rice - for the same reason, to keep track of last purchase to know whether the helpers throw away left-over rice when they know they shouldn't (They need to finish everything before they could cook a new batch.) A 25kg sack usually lasts 1.5 months, feeding 5 adults in the house.

payroll - to track the helpers wages and salary increase (This is based on their performance; I don't have a set rule.)

baby notebook - a list of the date and time of each single thing related to Baby, from day-to-day stuff like feeding, burping, peeing, pooing, to milestones like first tooth, first crawl, first step, etc.

Anyone want a re-match?