Monday, May 11, 2009


I cut my left thumb while cleaning the lapu-lapu last week. It was big and deep, but didn't hurt as much as it seemed. The pain lasted through the first 2 seconds at most, but a lot of blood gushed out - I felt dizzy, nauseous, and I thought I was going to pass out. I think I just had my first panic attack.

Husband would always ask me to let the helpers, well, help me. I don't mind giving them the floor, when it comes to the rooms, the laundry, the cars, and pets, but I would rather have full control of the food that we eat. When I ask the helper assigned to the kitchen to do things for me, I still make sure I am around to supervise. Otherwise, I'd prefer dialing my favorite hotlines:

Sango - 6361991 - I usually order the master cheeseburger for merienda, but prefer any of their Japanese rice meals for either lunch or dinner.
Razons - 6870019 - Sisig and halo-halo satisfy our craving!
Brooklyn Pizza - 6339999 - My favorite pizza! Not only it's the least greasy, I love the way it tastes too! We customize our pizza, it would always be a combination of cheese and porko.
Causeway Restaurant - 6389374 - Frozen dimsum kept for another day (asado siopao, chicken feet, and raddish cake), and cooked food for lunch or dinner (beef with ampalaya, polonchay with garlic, lapu-lapu fillet with taosi, yang chao fried rice, needless to say, a balanced diet!)
CPK - 6877841 - Always always chicken BBQ pizza and thai crunch salad, no more, no less.
not but not the least!
McDonalds - 8-MCDO - cheeseburger and float for me, quarter pounder meal for Husband :)