Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Technical Department

I am not techie. I have never owned a single iPod in my life. I prefer simple point-and-shoots compared to sleek SLRs. I have never upgraded my laptop.

Marrying a techie guy might not change me, but it might influence Baby a great deal. She loves to "listen" to the iPod, "work" on the laptop, "play" with the PSP, and the list goes on...

I still couldn't get her to love posing for the cameras, though. That's why we end up taking almost 400 pictures of her every month. It's the total number for my simple Canon IXUS 850 and Husband's complicated Lumix LX3 and Canon 400D.

He's blown away cash for lots of camera lenses too. I wish I could say he earns the money back. But he's a CFO, not a photographer. If only I'm interested, I've taken photography lessons by now.