Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lucky Charms & Crystals

My in-laws took Baby yesterday so I thought of making use of the "free" time for a trip to the nearby supermarket to buy some ingredients needed for making homemade bread. (I've been searching for recipes online and they look pretty much easy to follow. The "brand new" oven has been sitting in our kitchen for more than 2 years now, it's about time we use it!)

But instead, Husband and I stopped by this new store, Charms & Crystals by Joy Lim at SM Supercenter Pasig. (The business has been around for a while so this is not "new" per se.) I meant to just inquire, I did not intend to purchase, especially after hearing that one bracelet costs P2,800. It looked fancy to me, despite being told that they are semi-precious stones.

So I asked a lot of questions, and the saleslady was nice enough to accommodate all of it and share a lot of other things too. Then I began to justify to myself the "like" or "want" (not "need") for the bracelet - I love accessorizing so whether these stones have been "cleansed" or "blessed" or not should not matter much. If yes then good (there was nothing to lose, something to gain), but if not, then it's also good (I just add the bracelet to my collection). It's a win-win situation. So I decided to give in to the temptation.

But I wasn't expecting Husband to be as gullible as me! His version was more expensive (@ P3,800 and it doesn't look any nicer) and I'm sure he would just wear it for the first few days then forget about it in the days to follow. Just like what happens to his Omega watch, the watch that is supposed to have more meaning because it was an engagement gift. He always ends up adjusting the date and time, because the "automatic" mechanism would not work when it is left laying still for a long time. He's just not that type of person, that's all.

I'm quite concerned about the bracelet, the lucky charms, the stones, the Buddha, the fish, the feng shui, etc. I'm not sure if these things offend God or have any bearing on my religion. To make myself feel better and give myself some peace of mind, I make sure I stand by the 2 big rules - (1) to love God, and (2) to love others. With this positive energy, good karma is sure to follow.